Free Celilo Falls! – PIELC 2015

Yesterday we presented on Behalf of the Restoration of Celilo Falls at the Public Interest Environmental Law Conference 2015 in the Many Nations Long House at the University of Oregon . Please click on over to the original post where you can see the photos in two of our presentations – and the beginnings of the website for the Celilo Falls Education Fund – a 501 c3 dedicated to the restoration of Celilo Falls and a free NChi’Wana!

Click to the new Celilo Falls Education Fund Page to see the slideshows we shared with our presentations.

Celilo Falls Education Fund

Umatilla Women at Celilo Falls - Photo by Moorhouse Lee - Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture Umatilla Women at Celilo Falls – Photo by Poorhouse Lee – Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture

Panel Description: For at least 14,000 years, Celilo Falls and Celilo Village have been places where nature and culture come together in indigenous legal orders to direct sustainable fisheries management throughout the Columbia Basin. This panel will explore how restoration of Celilo Falls might provide a generational opportunity to revitalize the salmon-based ecologies, economies, and cultures of the Pacific Northwest. This panel will also consider how restoring Celilo Falls can serve to reinvigorate treaty law, common law, community rights, and the rights of autopoietic nature throughout North America.


Panel presented on March 6, 2015 at the Many Nations Longhouse, Oregon State University by

Treothe Bullock, Celilo Falls Restoration Fund, Secretary; Paul, Co-Founder; ; Aurolyn Stwyer, Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs/Celilo, Museum at Warm…

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