Solar Eclipse : Looking into Sun with Moon, Red Tail, Crow and Thunderbird


solareclipse 2014-2
12:52 Anticipating the eclipse – dark skies and heavy rains
solareclipse 2014-3
crows began to gather


solareclipse 2014-5
12:54:30 A murder formed – as ancient tales tell – crow has been left with the job of cleaning up others messes – in this case a school yard with lunch debris leftovers – a part of their daily rounds
solareclipse 2014-6
12:55 the  murder migrated after red tail hawks’ attempt at a flight through their zone was quickly attacked – they closed in toward hawk



solareclipse 2014-7
12:55:47 when suddenly power in the hood  dimmed as Thunderbird clapped wings startling crows who flew wildly in every direction…
solareclipse 2014-8
1:10 Hawk pondered …
solareclipse 2014-9





solareclipse 2014-10
solareclipse 2014-11
solareclipse 2014-13


solareclipse 2014-18
solareclipse 2014-19
solareclipse 2014-20
solareclipse 2014-21
solareclipse 2014-22
solareclipse 2014-24













Eclipse Images Notes – The sun cannot be photographed directly without risking damage to a camera sensor. In this case a 9X neutral density filter together with a polarizing filter were used. This pretty much isolates the sun in what appears as an almost night sky. The images are an intimate view of our home star. The dark spots in the solar disc are active sun spots. Images were processed in Lightroom to maximize definition. Most were processed as black and white. Color images were left true as filtered (without modifying temperature) with a bit of increase on saturation and vibrance. The sun is said to actually be a green star… moving into yellow as filtered by the earth’s atmosphere. In some of the images from the event, which were not put directly into this post (viewable if you select an image by double clicking and then moving through the blog image scroll) the color around the sun was in fact a deeper yellow green, particularly with saturation increased to exaggerate primary tones.

solareclipse 2014-12

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