Free Lines of Elder Light










Ancient trees hundreds… sometimes thousands of years old… slowly give way to the meandering desires of the Quillayute, the Sol Duc and Bogachiel which weave together at 3 Rivers.

The passage of these elders of time moves out through ocean waters before resting on Rialto Beach – ceded Quileute country – now also part of the long coastal thread of Olympic National Park north (and south) of La Push. Roots and eyes among the elder trees polished by beach stone, sand and the 120 or more inches of rain and wind and sun that pulse through the drifts.

At times 30 ft high drift log roots are among them… comfortable perches for viewing gray whales rubbing bellies clean on the sand bars of neighboring 1st beach.

Lines and eyes of ancient creativities communicating forward.


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  1. Wow! These are deeply moving and exquisite! Thanks.

  2. Powerful reflection and visual poetry. This way of seeing that you share calls us to a deeper communion with our world. With the ancients.

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