Huckleberry Moon…

Alpine Fir Lakeside Lichen Whitebark Pine Cone Eve of the Huckleberry Moon Dawns Light Roses Family - Spirea Forest Painting Morning Water Morning Myst Solidarity - Holding Earth Crossing Lines Fireweed & Dew Fir Sky's Conversation Rainbow Light Tail Mother Wild Azalea Story Lines Woodpecker Harvest Moving Bloom OspreyHuckleberry MoonHuckleberry Moo Whitebark Pine Huckleberry Eye of the Anscestors

Magic and Majesty of Mountain light on the crest of the Cascades.

Gratitudes for being able to share in the beauty. To be able to receive the gift of wild foods, waters, lights, air & songs.

It is strange to be up in the huckleberry fields amidst an abundance of whitebark pine forest with no bears. Oddly this prime grizzly bear habitat had the last bear exterminated by humans over 80 years ago. Black bears have not filled in their place… no bear aware restrictions despite fields of huckleberry so dense we never left sight of camp while harvesting. The whole system is weakened by the absence of the grizzly and there is an unnatural quiet felt.

Ecological awareness can be bittersweet. Thankful the wolves are returning and hope we can allow the grizzly to continue to follow and return to these landscapes where they have suffered removals.

The forests of the Cascades were protected with a vision of keeping intact corridors for ecosystem communication. The Grizzly has made it down from the North Cascades to I-90, which is a barrier to southern emigration. We have heard rumors of signs of them down to the Columbia Gorge where I-84 is a second obstacle. We need to build under and overpasses for the wild ones to cross such barriers.

Did hear an inspiring story along the trail – Of a fellow who was passing by on his walk from Mexico to Canada. He served in two tours in the Middle East and then lost his pregnant wife in a car accident. He was drinking himself to death and decided to walk. The walk through the mountains saving his life.

May he and we keep strong with the Earth as we find balance in facing the forces, which have been destroying her. Thanks for listening good people.

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