Chinese Reconciliation Park — Commencement Bay — Salish Sea

Chinese reconciliation-5

Chinese reconciliation-1 Chinese reconciliation-2 Chinese reconciliation-3 Chinese reconciliation-4



Wandering along Commencement Bay searching for bathing beaches we came upon this monument to healing and reconciliation… bringing to light a pogram against Chinese workers led by the Mayor of Tacoma in the 1880’s… Realizing unfinished work needed to be done in the 1990’s this monument was a part of entering a journey of reconciliation… Beautiful Monument to the Work of truth telling & healing supported by Fushou, Tacoma’s sister City in China. Here is a slide show of the informational panels

Other memorials exist in Cascadia such as this. Portland’s Waterfront park has a memorial dedicated to the internment of Japanese Americans during WW II. Centralia has a Memorial to those who died in the 1919 Massacre of International Workers of the World Unionists. It seems we need to begin this work at a deeper level of facing the colonial legacies in the landscape as well. Perhaps you know of one? Where near you is an unhealed history which deserves this kind of attention? The movement to restore First Nations names to places of geography is one of the ways in which colonial legacies are being repaired in the First Nations Sovereignty movement.

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