Hide or Seek

life bee comes
a wall pressing
nothing seen or felt

( . )

hardness and unwelcoming obstacle
dying quiet visionless despair

(100,000 images a day, a river dam a minute, 12,000 mile an hour spinning)

hearts longing for

(addictions advertised deathly choice)

will spilled onto floors
flowing through cracks
into soil

(25 million song sound track – unpayed & creditless)

silently weeping
seeds to bloom
barren lands

(proudly announcing anthropocentric  6th extinctional geometric progressivisms)

dying heart now
soil to another’s roots
cannibalized tail eating serpent
arising rain forested inoculations

(walking barefoot with the wind)

listen as grandchildren cry
for a worthy ancestor
as the masked survive
lingering in crumbs
of deadly colonial legacies…

(70,000,000,000 industrial chemical supplemented breast milk beginners)

dropped out onto roads of migration
hungry and forlorn
wilds’ end
will not

(existence owns itself)

ready or not

(dusk to dawn to dusk to dawn to…)

we come


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