Project 562 ~ Opening Night at the Tacoma Art Museum ~ May 17, 2014

Project 562 – Opening Night at Tacoma Art Museum – May 17, 2014

The work of Project 562 – featuring the photographic journey of Matika Wilbur and her project team on the first leg of photographing the recognized tribal nations of the USA is amazing and inspiring.  Here are some pics from the opening – style inspired by Matika’s work but nothing like what she is doing. Please check out the show in Tacoma – which includes audio and video together with several genres of photography. And thanks for such a beautiful evening with amazingly positive sharing featuring those in Indian country who can inspire us all.

Project 562 jpegs-1
Medicine Singing and Filming in the Gallery Space
Project 562 jpegs-2
Admiring the Artist
Project 562 jpegs-3
Orca Spirit in the House
Project 562 jpegs-4
Gifting Cedar
Project 562 jpegs-6
Puyallup Canoe Family anticipating Singing
Project 562 jpegs-5
Project 562 jpegs-7
Puyallup Canoe Family
Project 562 jpegs-8
Connie McCloud Blessing the Work and sharing Ancient Stories of the Land
Project 562 jpegs-9
Sky and Talon Duncan – Three Affiliated Tribes of Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nations and San Carlos Apache tribe World Champion Hoop Dancers – Introduced by their mom.
Project 562 jpegs-10
Project 562 jpegs-11
Project 562 jpegs-12
Project 562 jpegs-13
Project 562 jpegs-14
Project 562 jpegs-15
Project 562 jpegs-16
Project 562 jpegs-17
Project 562 jpegs-18
Project 562 jpegs-19
Kenrick Escalanti and Willie White ~ Kwatsan/Kumeyaay – Sharing stories of the stuggles on the border with ill placed wind mills and singing Ur’av (lightening) songs
Project 562 jpegs-20
Tony, Anthony Thosh and Amson Collin – Salt River Pima-Maricopa – Songs from Onk Akimel O’Odham – got the house dancing
Project 562 jpegs-21
Matika Wilbur and Family
Project 562 jpegs-22
Matika Wilbur
Project 562 jpegs-23
Matika Wilbur – sharing the laugh which will ring around the world!
Project 562 jpegs-24
Matika Wilbur and Family
Project 562 jpegs-25
B. Yellowtail – Crow & Northern Cheyenne Fashion Designer
Project 562 jpegs-26
Dierdre Peaches at work filming
Project 562 jpegs-27
Closing by Stephanie Stebich – Director of Tacoma Art Museum  with Matika Wilbur, Marlon Footracer & Bethany Yellowtail

Project 562 – Matika Wilbur Blog


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  1. Rosie Alcantara June 21, 2014 — 12:12 pm

    Love what you are doing…we are finally coming out of the woodwork. At times I feel alone like the last Yoeme on earth…but thanks to the internet I can find other natives of this land and see that we are still here and many of us are very proud that our grandparents fought to keep our land, even through the horrific massacures. Our people weren’t always successful we found ourselves. Though the west was won, the Yaqui (yoeme) Arizona, gave them a hell of a fight, many still hate us but we manage life even though. Not hating anyone for we are all the creator’s people, unfortunately some people don’t get the nature/creator, respect for living things. Keep up the good work, your making us native people very proud.

  2. Thanks… Matika’s work is really amazing and seems to be a turning point in the way Indian people are seen and see… really like the way she is collecting such positive stories from among the people and including audio and video with the work… and that among her inspirations is a dream from her grandmother!

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