Cascadia Rising! – 50 Ellipses Out


Grizzly Have a place at Celilo Falls - Rewilding Corridors Successful - 2063!
Did We Hear that right? Grizzly Bears have a place on the CheeAwana! – Rewilding Corridors Successful! – Cascadia 2063!

Cascadia Rising! – 50 Ellipses Out
By Treothe Joseph Bullock
Willamette Valley, Cascadia

The Spiritual Center of Cascadia – historically the largest free flowing waterfall of North America – which marries the Rockies, the Cascades and the Pacific – Celilo Falls, will be Free! The Dam at the Dalles will run on a lowered lake and the barges will be history. The return of Celilo will be emblematic of a new spirit of collaboration between First Nation wisdom and all of Cascadia’s inhabitants.

Cascadia will have transformed itself into a postindustrial ecological paradise. The region will have vitalized itself by fundamentally shifting economic, social and ecological agreements toward strengthening ecological resilience and social capital of the commons. The People will have reclaimed the exercise of their natural rights as written into their State and Provincial Constitutions. These rights will have been extended to the Earth and to alternate sovereignties of local community. Negotiations will be under way to shift political boundaries to watershed boundaries. Corporations will have lost personhood rights and political speech rights. The Sustainable Local Foods movement will have led a fundamental shift from a consumption-based economy to a values based economy. Transportation will be collectivized into completely carbon neutral networks. Banking will be taken over by a combination of regional Cascadian public banks and credit unions.

Revillaging of both Urban and Rural landscapes will center this new vitality. Land title will be transitioning out of ownership / commodity into trust / stewardship titles enabling non-traumatic multi generational shifting’s of land occupation in concert with rewilding and revillaging. Corporate land titles will all become temporary and have begun reverting back into commons.

Schooling will prioritize unfolding the skill sets needed for socially capitalizing self-sustaining community. Design, systems thinking, ecological secessionism, communications theory & nonviolent creative process will be at the heart of a new curriculum.

Polyphonic music will inform the processes of crowd sourcing wisdom through cascades of listening / voicing circles which lift up into leadership those who listen and articulate us the best. Creative activity will have successfully replaced consumptive activity and will place the region as a leader in the social arts, the fine arts and the ecological arts. Authenticity of in place living synergizing with new found creative potentials of existential rights based agreements will inspire the world. Festivals will fortify collective identity within a rapidly changing and diversifying planetary aware regionalism. Watch out World – Cascadia is Rising!


This article was published in The Bear Deluxe Magazine #35, special theme-issue on the “The Future.”
Go Cascadia!

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