Why the Mountains Need Our Singing

Raven Singing for

Lovers and Singers, Artists and Dreamers, Wanderers and Healers…

We sometimes may waver on the path… as we encounter the winds and the sounds of the big machines taking so much of what we love down…

Today these words – this song – came from friends recently joining together in a multicultural spirit ceremony on Mt. Ashland – 4.17.13

Encouragement to all lovers of the Mother of Us All – the one who we all are caressed, fed and made by…

Words from the Mountain – Beth Brown

When I come up on this mountain, the mountain talks to me.
And today the mountain said,
“You know, some believe that humans are superfluous” – the mountain actually used that word: ‘superfluous’–
“and that life would go on as usual if humans weren’t here. But that’s not true.
You humans are needed. You are part of the web of life.
And you have some powerful tools to support life –
you have the tool of gratitude, and the tool of appreciation,
and you have the tool of prayer.”

And our prayers, whether spoken or sung,
whether with instruments or whispers or in silent meditation,
are important to the entire web.
And when we voice our songs and prayers and meditations up here on the mountain,
it’s also a way for the mountains to connect and communicate with one another.

See, mountains don’t get around much.
But they have a sister/brotherhood, too.
And they need us to carry messages to each other.
And we do this when we come up here to pray.

Ah, Ho.
Beth Brown

A Version of this amazing singing was shared by Peia



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  1. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Love that… Being part of, rather than superfluous to… Especially the tools of gratitude, appreciation and prayer.

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