Bitter Root – Lotus of the Drylands – A Root of Mother’s Day


Majesty out of Stone
Majesty out of Stone

One of the Majestic generosities of our drylands…

These growing in the company of the Painted Hills Goddess country….

These growing right out of stony ground with little soil…

I remember meeting a wild crafter, preparing for a guided walk on Tsel Queetsin (Madrona Point – now closed to the public) at the epicenter of many of the most ancient stories of Orcas Island in the San Juans – She told a story of being raised up on homestead claim land in the Dalles area above the CheeAwana. Her family land had an ancient bitter root pit. Each year families would come for the bitter root harvest. The roots were slow cooked in a pit so that they were caramelized and then dried into cakes which could be reconstituted over the course of the year. She would always look forward to this spring time visit and the mystery of the preparations of fire – the laying of leaves and roots.

World War II came and the families were tragically disrupted in their rhythms by the War. They did not recover from the trauma of the war and never returned for the harvest in her lifetime.

Gratitudes for the generosities of our mothers our grandmothers and all future mothers. May we remember the root of generosity of our Mothers. May we remember the root of Mother’s Day – as a prayer from the Mother’s that we bring an end to the practice of War. Gratitudes for the peace and beauty of the flowering earth – and this flower whose root to this day – blesses the table of many a feast.



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  1. Harold Rhenisch May 13, 2013 — 12:49 am

    Gadzooks! Ours are magenta! And our Mariposa Lilies are, too.

  2. These come wrapped in majenta before unfolding… usually associate reddening with either cold or heat stress adaptation?…

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