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  1. Harold Rhenisch March 27, 2013 — 7:28 am

    That looks like someone’s lawn. Either that, or your elk are playing golf in between snacks. ;-) Harold

    • lol – they own this one – and were very relaxed in the peace of a sanctuary humans only get to be day visitors in – it will not stay so cropped once the wolves make it back… I think they enjoy running the hurdles when not enjoying the tastes… :)

  2. Beautiful faces and places. Thanks for transporting me there. Hey – I’ve learned that many ferns, including the sword fern, have edible tubors. Very watery and refreshing. I’ve been munching on Foxtail Fern tubors.

    • Foxtail would be new to me – a drylands fern? Have never tried the sword tuber – will have to try – our tasty is licorice fern which grows on the trees here – have some on the old growth big leaf maple in our back yard :)

  3. i love their shaggy manes. :) and that tongue!

  4. What a great tasty moment to capture on film!

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