Nature & Community with the UnBorn

Sunlight Through Clouds - March 3 2013
Under One Sun – March 3, 2013


Rights of Nature, Rights of Community, Rights of the Unborn – Our Response Abilities to Rights so Sacred and Deep as to be Unspoken in much of formal Law has seemingly ebbed.

Even as the momentum of our lives carries us forward with sometimes wavering habits of our pasts – Ecological impacts of the compulsions of civilization are not in the future alone – they are known – and they are betraying us all. We seem slow and meager … Ecological collapse is a common story in the ebb of civilizations… yet! Simple elegant percolating landscapes of locality are clarifying a path of vital dignity….

… rights do not come from Constitutions written on Parchments and signed by … Rights come out of the dignity of existence. Existence whose long threads swirl through cosmic entireties of connectedness… births fundamental rights of place, rights of ecosystems to exist and drift in full diversities, rights of communities to sovereign participatory self rule, the right to decide how, when and where and of what nature corporate activities will be invited in the vitalities of locality.

Ahhh the response ability to build the generosities out of which new life is grounded in vitality and given access to the depths, heights and widths of… they are gathering in town and countryside and studying the story the devolutions and evolutions of agreed upon rights… illuminating consciousness of what has been stolen from locality by corporate law legalizing plethoras of harm… We The People are reclaiming our Rights to establish our governments as is fit to our common moral certitude… we are singing… law is being rewritten.

Here is one of the leaders of this new law movement speaking with the Public Interest Environmental Law Forum in Eugene, Oregon – March 2013


A 20 minute primer on an effective way to defend your community from corporate violence for good!

PIELC 2013 Thomas Lindsey Keynote

6 minute intro to new Community Rights Film being made. We The People 2.0


Paul Cienfuegos giving a 5 minute overview of the Community Rights Movement – Paul is actively working with farmers in the Willamette Valley to Ban GMO’s (Being pushed by the biofuels industry in response to Midwestern drought) from the valley and their threat to the integrity of our agriculture – He is also working with groups to ban the asia export coal trains as one part of Community Rights work in Cascadia.




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  1. Wow. Brilliant and fantastic, all of it. Thanks for sharing. Movements are moving! Hooray. And we coming out of isolation….and raising our collective head and gumption for what we love.

    Once a river told me we are now sisters; earth in the role of protective mother was over. It’s up to all of us to carry the planet forward.

    • Thanks Ari – I really like the story of the rivers voice – it is a big paradigm shift we are going through – to take hold of our shared ecological destiny with particapatory activated consciousness – and it does require community building – voicing ourselves – it is inspiring to me how this community rights movement began in East Coast rural relatively conservative communities and at the same time is rooted in indigenous movements in South America – Ecuador and Bolivia have put the rights of Nature into their constitutions – CELDF consulted with Ecuador – almost 200 communities in the US have passed these community/nature rights ordinances – and many more on the way…

      you who have been listening,painting and drawing this into the world :)

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