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4 Bald Eagles - Winter on the NChi'Wana at Lone Pine in Lieu Site - (Below Celilo Falls at the Dalles)

We remember a time at LaPush with the Quileute when a dream called the people together. Helen Harrison, one of the traditional grandmothers living with the old ways at the time, had a dream. In her dream a circle of praying people gathered at the stream on 1st beach to pray for the waters.

She listened. That day she called all the people she knew to be praying people – people from many different faiths and invited them to circle that same day at the place in her dream. People who carried the ancient ways and people who carried the new ways came together out of her pure heartedness – people who had never worked together before. The autumn rain and wind were strong as we gathered and struggled to keep a light burning in the elements together. She shared her dream, the different lights we each carried and the work the dream showed us doing together. She asked for us to help in praying together for our waters, our lives, our peoples. We sang and shared prayers in our spontaneous circle. We held wood from the beach that a candle was burned on and at the end of the prayer we released the wood into the stream which crossed the beach and traveled into the ocean sending our prayers into Mystery.

She was one of the elders that helped bless the ancient red cedar trees that became the revival of the Ocean Canoes which seeded what has become the annual Northwest Coast Indian Canoe Journey.

We still receive strength from the purity of heart – the choice of innocence – that allowed Helen to receive her dream – and to follow it in a way that gave permission for a diversity of people to come together for common good. The Quileute people may be some of our most Ancient inhabitants of Turtle Island. David IIII who helped carry forward the Tlokwali, Wolf Society, has shared the story of first ancestor, who traveled to A-ka-lat – “Top of the Rock” (James Island) 26,000 years ago, songs carried by her are still sung on the land and waters there.

In her and other elders memories the process of desertification was witnessed in its beginnings. LaPush is in the rare maritime temperate rainforests that get over 100 inches of rain a year. In her lifetime streams that used to flow had stopped flowing or had become seasonal. She was one of the many elders who have shared stories of salmon runs so thick it was possible to walk across streams on the backs of Salmon – a time when the land was full of its ancient wealth. We carry those memories and prayers forward and share them now with you. Long Memory is a radical act in the modern world. Many of our youth have no idea of what has been lost and what our earth is capable of being.

Dreams are openings for Wisdom and are informing some of the powerful actions in the Rising Up that is being led by our First Nations elders across Turtle Island. Listen as the dreaming invites us to Rise Together for our Earth. The betrayal of the Earth has come to a tipping point where we are being called to Rise Up to the Changing and Defend the Sacred, The Living, to remember what it means to be a human being.



Here is an overview and background on how the new International Treaty to Protect the Sacred from Tar Sands Projects came into form as told by Faith Spotted Eagle, Brave Heart Society member and First Native American woman to sign such a treaty! This video was recorded and produced by Ashley Young from the Feather Project. She shares the dream she received from her grandmother that has led to this historic work.


Protect the Sacred Website with more video and information on the work.


Kwakwaka’wakw Chief BEau Dick with Copper Broken on Victoria Capital Grounds - photo by Scott Poulson
Kwakwaka’wakw Chief Beau Dick with Copper Broken on Victoria Capital Grounds – photo by Scott Poulson


Here is a short video that gives an overview of the Copper Cutting Ceremony in Victoria last Sunday that arose out of a 20 year old dream.


11 Year old Ta’Kaiya Blaney Speaks for those without a voice and of what it is to be a Human Being on Earth. Powerful.


The Rights of Nature and the Rights of Aboriginal Title Holders, the rights of our 7th Generation of Grandchildren to a vibrant existence inform our work. A vision which transcends the market dynamics of corporate capitalism is being offered. Elders of the landscapes we inhabit, and the landscapes themselves are speaking if we have ears to hear. They are teaching us how to assemble in ways and work in ways that affirm the dignity of the full circles of life.

Phillip Deere shared many of the old teachings. His family decided to never accept government assistance as they saw it as a betrayal of their direct connections with the elemental powers of life. The family grew and gathered enough food to feed the people every year on their land in Oklahoma – for a month long International Youth & Elders Gathering. When The Evergreen State College was preparing to build its Longhouse, Phillip was invited to advise the people at a gathering. He spoke of how many of us have been deprived of access to elders and teachers who carry the teachings of our Earth. He encouraged us all to recognize the elders around us – the stone people – the plant people – the four legged, the winged, and the swimming nations. When we ask for guidance and we listen they will speak to us – often in our dreams. We are all connected. It is beautiful to be witness to a time where the people are listening and rising up to defend the existence of life together. Dream together good people!



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