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  1. Raven, bringer of miracles. Today i hiked around our sacred little mountain…..5 ravens came from playing circles in the wind to hear my song and one even gave me the eye in mid flight., they left me cackling and laughing.

    • mmm… thanks for the story… i always tell the children I work with in the mountains they are being studied by Raven… they remember faces and voices and will tell the stories… good to hear of your singing with the land… some of the biggest majic in my life is when the rythmns of music and the animals and birds line up and we are chorusing together… lol makes me smile and laugh to imigaine you all — A former Iranian History Professor – then American Longshoreman, lives in the basement apt. of my sister and brother in laws place – his brother was a sufi in Iran – at times when he would sing – 10’s of thousands of birds would join up with the song! :) The depths of living poetry….

      • teardrop joy. you help me remember so much. always have. I remember naming my boy, Raven. He is my story teller, my truth teller my light with a spark of mischief. He can see through the darkness and find miracles. My White Raven. thank you my friend

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