Saguaro Messengers

On the cliffs surrounding a seasonal waterfall with natural grinding stones for shared work messages have been passed forward…


Click on a photo and it will take you into the gallery – please let us know how it is working for you – this is our maiden try at a gallery.  To optimize your experience use full screen mode in your browser. Arrow right or left to move the slides. Arrow down for commentary. Enjoy…


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  1. Hi Treothe, many thanks for visiting and following my blog. I have enjoyed returning the interest and exploring your blog. It is refreshing to read words that come from a different background, knowledge, history and culture, but which ultimately share a common ground in the deeper realms of existence. It makes me reflect on how humbling it is to admit that if we had been born into someone else’s life, we would most probably have lived it with the same prejudices, weaknesses and behaviors as they; be that as a Nazi or Jew, colonialist or colonized. We are the one split into the many and fail to recognize ourselves! I look forward to reading more. Thanks again, Amanda

  2. Amazing figures on the rock faces.

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