Decolonizings – Beginnings…


Learn the names, places and stories of ancestors’ births, lives and deaths.

Bond directly with the inhabitants of present place.

Move beyond naming into visceral relationship with totemic indicator species of place.

Notice agreements of landscapes which sing on all levels of polyphonic inter-species chorusing – these are centers of ecological strength. Notice the families of plants and animals who gather together.

Find those who carry the love songs and wisdom songs and stories of place and listen, learn and share.

Eat the wild with gratitude and service – always leaving first indicators – always giving the first harvest to the elderly and young – always giving something back.

Remove the need for money in meeting one’s biological and interpersonal needs. Honor abundances in the circles of life through giveaways. Mutualize.

Examine cycles of colonial violence – and how historic roles place one into victim, abuser or enabler of the violation of dignity of all beings. Strategize and change behavior in response to insight.

Recognize our story is far older than civilization and that all civilizations have stood on the backs of perennial ancient village wisdoms and their capacity for generosity.

Stop believing what elites have told us we must believe when it is not in life’s interest or reality.

Release ideas of owning living organisms and landscapes and reinhabit stewardship with respect to geobiological reality.

Build community agreements which recognize self evident rights of nature’s ecological health – of existence with integrity of place.

Accept that gender is not simply binary – and is a creative continuum.

Give standing and voice to all ecological beings of community at all gatherings supposed to represent the body politic of local community.

Rewrite our stories from the perspective of place and the wisdom agreements of place.  Face historic trauma and the fears it may feed.  Diversify paths of relationship and knowing.

Identify the key wounds to the landscape and focalize healing attentions for the healing of Mother Earth.

Contradict Us and Them divisions by honoring all living beings as fruits of the Mother who rain and sunlight fall upon.

Travel, meet and share with the peoples and places who the migratory birds, mammals, fish… connect place with.

Practice expansive listening with silence.

Converse with all species.

Identify those species and families who have invaded and naturalized themselves.  Speak truth to their powers. Educate and mediate toward healing agreements of place – including removal of misplaced damaging inhabitations.


The colonial imperial mindset has become an endless exponentially growing greed that is destroying our lives and the life of our planet. For many of us – the wisdom of survival – has forced us to internalize the colonial mind. We may think this was a choice – however it is a root of colonial violence.  To know ourselves we must reexamine our minds and hearts and the origins of thoughts and culture which occupy our lives.  Colonial mind’s presence is relatively young in the story of humanity and with simultaneous realization we are capable of quickly releasing ourselves and our communities from its grip.  To do this will reestablish a fullness and vitality of relations with the biological wealth and health of our existence with local place on our beautiful earth. To do this will allow us to face unresolved historic trauma and ongoing injustice.  This will free our heart spaces opening floodgates of creativity and vitality. Do liberate your self, our local and collective communities!

And do tell us…

What is on your list?      What might we add?


Add yours →

  1. I appreciate your statement: “Notice agreements of landscapes which sing on all levels of polyphonic inter-species chorusing – these are centers of ecological strength. Notice the families of plants and animals who gather together.” I have been thinking about chorus, both in terms of repetition and forms of collectivity!

    Also, I wonder about gender continuum. Does continuum imply a linear arch on which one stands, thus still indicating two poles that we try and distance ourselves from when critiquing the binary? Is there another descriptor that can generate other creative formations outside of a linear model? These are things that I would enjoy thinking with you on.

    • River – I like your take on chorusing as rhythmic repetitions across time as well as resonate collective voicing – was thinking of how the voice of an mbira stirs the voice of the buzzers – which stirs the feet of the dancers – which stirs the singing and how plants encourage birds whose songs encourage seeds whose opening feeds… these are rhythms of chorusing that pulse across the elliptical contours of seasons, ages… And it would seem these kinds of directionality and spiraling are implicit in the creativity of dynamic evolving gender… The existence of pre-sexual realities, hermaphroditic reality, transgendered realities and others imply a spherical spiraling of gendered experience… in which there is not always a binary reference… and other times where there is… details of Si.Si.Whis gender are a bit fuzzy for me but there are I believe 7 primary genders which are thought of in relationship to star centers out of which our humanity has emerged…

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