Ghandangha – Earth Warrior – “More Our Selves” – Bliss Gypsys

For Warrior Spirits of Love – Protectors of Wild Earth

A traditional song arising out of the power of the grandmothers – Ghandangha Taireva to Nyamaropa Chipendura to Ghandangha Chipendura. Arranged this for marimba in the Gore ghandhangha tuning of mbira chakwi. Our band of Bliss Gypsys is playing on Beale Street at Memphis in May up above the Mississippi River. From unreleased archives. The sound is a bit maxed on the dat and still a great listen. Played as a prayer for the warrior spirits of love who are protectors of wild earth. Enjoy!


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  1. Bliss Gypsys always had an amazing sound…. I still haven’t heard another marimba group that could create such an awe inspiring blazing mbira sound….Great live capture!

  2. Thanks Paul – believe you got to hear us from our maiden voyage under the old leaning willow at Folklife… Just turned on download for a week if you would like a copy…:)

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